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About Us

WHHAN DAYBIOCHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is a professional company who specializes in developing and selling of fine chemicals. Our products mainly include heterocyclic derivatives, aminoacid series, involving intermediates of agrichemicals, pharmaceuticals, dye, LCD, OLED etc.
   Our company is located in Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhuankou, Wuhan,China, and our goods has been exported to many overseas countries. Meanwhile we could provide special products by order according to your demand & request.
   Collaborating with famous college and institute, we provides comprehensive services and best resolutions for our customers. DAYBIOCHEM is ready to accept your order of any size, from milligrams to kilograms and up to multi-tons. Not only can our company offer you building blocks in the Catalog, but also Contract Research such as Custom Synthesis and FTEs.
    DAYBIOCHEM  is actively seeking local and overseas partners. You will find us to be highly reliable. Already, we are involved with numerous manufacturing organizations. These include Chinese domestic manufacturers, universities and research institutes that possess advanced management standards international management mentalities and strong implementation abilities for innovative products. DAYBIOCHEM collaborates very closely with these groups to conduct market strategy and research, analyze world trends on fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and mutually explore new product lines.